The BottomsLine – Fall 2021

We believe: The future of life insurance will be different than in the past. Over the past 30+ years, we have been in a declining interest rate environment. This means that new money pouring into the insurance companies to be invested has generally earned a lower rate than prior new money that was invested earlier […]

The BottomsLine – Spring 2021

We all have a story – and our stories are unique. Years ago, I was sitting at my conference table with the owners of a successful business. The conversation was around their assets and their family. At some point in conversations like this, the objective is to understand what it is the clients want. It […]

The BottomsLine – Spring 2020

We love surprises. Like a birthday party…or the delivery of a thoughtful gift, or handwritten note. Unfortunately, we know that life inevitably gives us some bad surprises, sometimes suddenly. Like a health event that comes out of nowhere and takes a life, or diminishes income and financial resources that are needed for support…or the jolt […]

The BottomsLine – Fall 2019

After all of these years in the business, the point of it all has finally come into clear focus – I want to be a hero. And, although we’ve never verbalized exactly that way, the entire team at TBG has the same mindset. Please allow me to elaborate. In July, I was in Chicago for […]

The BottomsLine – Spring 2019

One of our physician clients recently asked us to take a look at an insurance policy insuring the life of his father. After 20 years of level premiums, the premium had recently increased and there was confusion about the future viability of the coverage and the ongoing premium commitment. As it turns out, the policy […]

The BottomsLine – Fall 2018

As I write this, a destructive hurricane is stalled over parts of the North Carolina coast creating significant damage, and supposedly heading west. That’s a little closer to home than we are used to here in Atlanta. Hurricanes are supposed to remain offshore and only threaten places like the Caribbean. Our optimistic spirits convince us […]

The BottomsLine – Spring 2018

Years ago, when I graduated from Georgia Tech and began my career, I had a future vision of what my life would be like by now. That vision was naïve. My lifestyle back then was fairly simple. Time moved on and I have accumulated more people in my life that I love. I’ve developed more […]