The BottomsLine – Fall 2019

After all of these years in the business, the point of it all has finally come into clear focus – I want to be a hero. And, although we’ve never verbalized exactly that way, the entire team at TBG has the same mindset. Please allow me to elaborate.

In July, I was in Chicago for my quarterly day of being coached. That is, spending an entire day focused upon “thinking about my thinking.” I’ve been making these trips each quarter for almost 20 years. The focus of the day was “who do I want to be a hero to?” The first step was to think through who in my life has been a hero to me. That was valuable, then I spent some time thinking about people in my life and groups of people in my life that I would like to be a hero to, and how that might be accomplished.

Our corporate calling of helping others, along with our embedded employee benefit and life insurance specialties, intersects with our client’s desire for ongoing financial security and protection.

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