The BottomsLine – Spring 2021

We all have a story – and our stories are unique.

Years ago, I was sitting at my conference table with the owners of a successful business. The
conversation was around their assets and their family. At some point in conversations like this, the
objective is to understand what it is the clients want. It is all about them. So, I asked this question:
“let’s look down the road twenty years – what do you want your assets and your family to look like
at that point?” They looked at each other. They looked out the window. They thought about it as I
sat quietly until one of them said, “twenty years from now we just want our children to get together
at Christmas and like each other.”

Our corporate calling of helping others, along with our embedded employee benefit and life insurance specialties, intersects with our client’s desire for ongoing financial security and protection.

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