Virtual Visits and Telemedicine

Virtual Visits Telemedicine

As highspeed internet has become more common in the United States and abroad, medical health professionals have partnered with insurance carriers to hone the craft of virtual medical visits. What began as a promising experiment to complement traditional doctor visits, has found itself as a mainstay in an increasingly virtual economy.

Exploring STD and LTD Benefits

Exploring STD and LTD Benefits

Many employers offer attractive benefits to their employees which can drive enthusiasm and participation, thus creating a unique position for your company to be set apart from competitors.

Calibrating Employee Premiums To Ensure Affordable Care Act Compliance

Ensure Affordable Care Act Compliance

When the compliance aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became enforceable in 2014, most large employers subject to the ACA’s Employer Shared Responsibility provisions were keen to ensure that the benefit plans they offered to employees met the ACA’s requirements regarding both coverage “minimum value” and premium “affordability.”

What Makes The Bottoms Group Unique?


The Oxford Dictionary defines unique as “being the only one of its kind.” I’m not saying there is not another firm like The Bottoms Group any place else on the planet, but I am saying that we are not aware of another firm like ours, with the attributes that we have.

Medical Insurance Appeals


Employees who are eligible to join employer sponsored group medical plans benefit from many advantages such as negotiated rates with in-network providers, coverage for a robust variety of medications included on a plan’s Prescription Drug Formulary, and grievance or appeals rights.

Workplace Wellness Initiatives


Proper wellness is important for all seasons, but with warmer months approaching there are plenty of reasons to get outside and enjoy the welcoming weather.