Getting It Right

Getting It Right, by Gary Bottoms.
Available in December 2013.

“It should also be said that peace of mind comes when life’s inevitable tragedies are met by thoughtful preparation. Gary Bottoms’ book, Getting It Right, demonstrates how to prepare for both life’s opportunities and tragedies.”

—Foreword by Former United States Senator Johnny Isakson

Most of us are driven by an instinct that wants to prevent bad things from happening. This is why we lock our doors at night, follow the maintenance schedules for our automobiles, and avoid high places with no rails. From a family legacy, financial security, and estate-planning standpoint, this book is oriented around helping the reader avoid ten regrets that most would consider to be unacceptable.

Behind every face is a story. The story includes other people. Furthermore, every family has a story and the members’ lives are woven together with others—and the impact can be long lasting.

Getting It Right is the culmination of years of estate and insurance planning experience. “It” refers to the generational impact on our our lives. Gary Bottoms has observed the effects of decisions made by the clients he’s worked with and brought estate planning to a new level using meaningful stories about life and relationships.

In Getting It Right, Gary outlines ten steps to avoiding regrets. They include:

  • Selecting an advisory team;
  • Planning for flexibility;
  • Focusing on the needs of others;
  • Beginning with a vision of the end;
  • Knowing the importance of small details;
  • Being realistic when planning for future needs;
  • Creating a culture where values and wisdom are transferred;
  • Exhibiting love, intentionality, and wisdom with communication.

From the beginning to the very end, Getting It Right provides a road map to a destination worth pursuing.

Praise for Getting It Right

“Gary Bottoms’ book, Getting It Right, is a masterpiece of organization, sensitivity, and clarity created out of Gary’s forty years of practical experience and his keen capacity for empathy. It should be required reading for every responsible parent! In our culture, dominated by complexity and confusion around planning for the future, it is a blessing that Gary has fine-focused on crucial issues that will affect everyone.

Regardless of your circumstances, reading this book will change your life.”

William A. “Bill” Curry
Football Coach, Educator, Motivator
Atlanta, Georgia

“Losing both parents early in life with no financial planning in place, my siblings and I were totally dependent on extended family, Social Security, and a love of learning. Preparing for the unknowns, enabling your children with life skills, and providing colleagues who your surviving family can trust are essential planning steps. Getting It Right provides many of the appropriate lessons necessary to give your spouse and children the greatest likelihood of transitional success.”

Sam Olens
Attorney General, State of Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

“Gary has taken a difficult and complex subject and made it both informative and entertaining. It is a must-read for those with significant assets and a desire to efficiently pass them to future generations.”

Jerry Nix, Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Financial Officer, Retired
Genuine Parts Company
Atlanta, Georgia

“Planning for your own demise is painful and too often avoided at significant peril to the legacy we work so hard to create. Gary Bottoms has poignantly created an uplifting and motivational road map. Getting It Right will help readers come to terms with not just an estate plan but also a life plan, which will give a greater appreciation for what and who is important to them. The book articulates a most valuable message.”

Craig Hasday, COO
Frenkel Benefits, LLC
New York, New York 

“What Gary has to share in this book is knowledge plus wisdom—on legacy planning, on the role of life insurance, and on a philosophy of life in general. I highly recommend it.”

Campbell T. Gerrish, Principal
Winged Keel Group, Inc.
Past President, The Association of Advanced Life Underwriting
New York, New York

“In Getting It Right, Gary Bottoms gets to the bottom line quickly. If you have above average wealth, studying Gary’s experiences will help you. I’ve learned that success in life comes from knowing the right questions to ask. By studying this book, you will be equipped with the right questions to assist you in getting direction to find success with life’s biggest opportunity. That is, making a mark on the planet that is bigger than yourself.”

Ralph Antolino Jr., President
Antolino & Associates, Inc.
Columbus, Ohio